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Como Oliva.. Is the mysterious space object orbiting the Earth separated from the Moon? | Science


The Moon is undoubtedly the largest and brightest object visible to the naked eye from Earth. However, there are many other objects orbiting the Earth, and their number is estimated at 21 space objects, and scientists call them quasi-moons or quasi-satellites.

Among moon-like asteroids, scientists believe that Kamo’oalewa broke away from the moon. It is called a semi-lunar body because the Sun influences it more strongly than the Earth.

Camus Oliva lies outside the Earth’s gravitational field, known as the “planetosphere”, which dominates the gravitational pull of Earth’s gravitational satellites. As the Moon continues to move in the Earth’s gravitational pull, Camu Oliva’s movement is severely affected by small interruptions and changes.

A small asteroid orbiting the Earth

find”Kamu OlivaIn 2016, for the first time, using the Pan-STARRS telescope at the Haleakala Observatory, the initial observation was that it belonged to a subset of moon-like asteroids.

The surprising discovery was that Camus Oliva revolved around the Earth in a semi-circular motion. Scientists believe that it belonged to the Moon at some point in Earth’s history, and that it was displaced from the Moon’s orbit as a result of the gravitational effects of the Sun and Earth.

In the past, the Moon has seen violent collisions between rocks, asteroids and meteorites. Due to these collisions, many rocks were separated from the moon and headed towards the earth.

Among these rocks separated from the Moon, “Gamo Oliva” has managed to remain in a relatively stable orbit around the Earth, despite the change in its rotation throughout history, thanks to the great pull of the Sun.

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Asteroid “Camo Oliva” oscillates between “false moon” and “horseshoe” (NASA) orbits.

Kamu Oliva nature

And lately I’ve been wondering study It was deposited on the “archive” website (arXiv) – which is concerned with the publication of copies of preliminary research – on April 27, whether or not this asteroid is the origin of the moon.

And inside A statement Published by “Universe Today” website (Universe Today) “Camo Oliva” is one of the space objects moving around the Earth, which maintains the closest and most stable orbit around our planet.

Camus Oliva’s unique orbital behavior indicates that it formed from a lunar outflow. But does this necessarily mean that it is part of the Moon? Quite simply, Camus Oliva oscillates between a quasi-satellite orbit and a horseshoe orbit, even though it is heavily influenced by the Sun’s gravity.

Different orbits

The orbit of a “false moon” is the orbit of natural celestial bodies such as moons and asteroids around Earth. It is similar to the orbit of the Moon, where the body follows the same path as the Moon and orbits the Earth every year, but the main difference is that the orbit is not completely closed around the Earth.

Scientists are trying to study the craters on the moon’s surface to find out what is the origin of “Gamo Oliva” (NASA).

As for the “horseshoe” orbit, it occurs when an object like “Camo Oliva” moves in an open loop around a larger body (this is the Earth). As the two orbit a third large celestial body similar to the Sun, an elliptical orbit – the horseshoe – is created over time.

The scientists used this information, in addition to several variables, to simulate the effects of the moon and the amount of ejecta affecting bodies. Most simulation tests show that this accidental ejection takes the object into an orbit around the Sun and pushes the object out of orbit around Earth. However, very few particles have a Kamu-Olewa-like orbital.

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The surface of “camo oliva” is reported to have light-reflecting silicates similar to the moon. Therefore, this fact, at the end of the simulation tests, proves that the asteroid “Camo Oliva” may be of lunar origin.

In future research, scientists will try to study the craters on the moon’s surface to find out which of them could be the birthplace of this asteroid. There are also several recommended excursions to study Camo Oliva.

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