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“Competitiveness and Statistics”, reviews the initiatives of the United Arab Emirates in a table


  • Center for Statistics Director: UAE’s Investment in Artificial Intelligence Embraces Leadership’s Vision

California: “The Bay”

Experts from the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics reviewed the UAE’s initiatives in geospatial mapping systems during the country’s government’s participation in the 42nd edition of the International Esri Conference 2022 held in Diego, California, USA. Geographic information of the world.

The conference attracted over 14,000 experts and professionals in data science and geospatial mapping and representatives of international institutions, statistics and data science centers, besides a large presence of private sector companies interested in data science and geospatial mapping.

During the conference’s keynote speech, Mohammed Hassan, Executive Director of the Statistics and National Data Department of the Central Center for Competitiveness and Statistics, emphasized that the UAE believes in the importance of innovation and the use of technology in dealing with future changes. And what technological advances are creating a huge amount of data that, if used properly, can actually become a treasure trove.

He said: “Major projects and initiatives in the field of data, the UAE government’s investment in artificial intelligence applications and digital transformation techniques are a clear embodiment of the leadership’s vision of the need to look to the future and be fully prepared for various variables. Globally, so data is driving decision-making and future initiatives. and are of utmost importance in formulating plans.”

Mohammed Hassan reviewed the UAE’s initiatives in the field of digital employment of big data and its applications in graphic mapping platforms. Graphic maps and models indicate the most important national programs initiated by the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics in the field. Data mapping platforms powered by the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics have been the UAE’s global trade map for over 50 years, adopting big data technologies and machine learning applications.

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He touched on the most important changes in the urban development map of the United Arab Emirates through night lights, satellite images, map of tourism data, hotel facilities and other statistical and graphical mapping platforms implemented by the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics in the past years. With the aim of supporting decision-making, or developing plans and initiatives, as well as providing accurate and updated data to the business sector and community within and outside the UAE.

The conference focused on a number of special events, including the Executive Forum for Governments, a key event within the international “ESRI” conference, during which elite executives and decision makers in government agencies meet with statistical and data science organizations from around the world. , experiences are shared, best practices and stories are reviewed. Success and response techniques to new and emerging challenges in the geodata industry.

The Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics participated in presenting the experience of the United Arab Emirates in adapting to global changes, and how to respond to them through the strategy developed by the Government of the United Arab Emirates in forecasting the future and the Center’s experience in creating data-based government systems. Initiation of programs and policies.

The conference included dialogue sessions focused on geographic data and challenges and opportunities in its development, where experts from the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics participated in a panel discussion with the Statistical Center of the Republic of Lithuania and Geography. Mapping Agency in the Netherlands. Decision-making, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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In a session of GIS and statistics experts, the Center’s experts discussed the need and importance of integrating statistical and geographic data with the US Census Bureau and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to create more reliable and updated data than ever before. Policy development and decision making.

The center also provided UAE experience on the importance of geographic empowerment of national data in social service, decision support, urban planning, delivery of social services and crisis management. Integrated Statistical Data Map of the Country “1MAP”.

Officials of the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Center concluded their participation at the “ESRI” conference, meeting with Terti Bishop, head of geographic data at the US Census Bureau, where they discussed radical changes in geospatial data technologies and modern work methods. Most recently adopted in the United States Census, they cover about 331 million people and are distributed over more than 50 states.

On the US side, they also provided a review of the most important data digital transformation initiatives in the UAE and the recent developments in the introduction of the Government Data Maturity Index, which meets the country’s aspirations to implement a modern mechanism for data governance and digitalization. Change using modern technology.

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