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Consequences of hacking social media accounts


The forms of cybercrime change with the development of communication technologies, until it becomes a major concern in exposing the ability of its perpetrators to psychologically and socially destroy a person, especially if these criminals infiltrate the victim’s accounts to capture social networks, and photos or personal information.

Security services take a variety of preventive measures to reduce these crimes, including conducting 24-hour electronic patrols to monitor these violations and providing quick and necessary support to victims, but the existence of a catastrophic development cannot be overlooked. In comparison.

One of the most important forms of cybercrime and currently the most common is the infiltration of personal accounts on social networks, which is now a destination for billions of people.

According to surveys and security experts around the world, personal accounts can be an easy target for hackers, as most users are unaware that they have security measures in place to protect them from intrusion, so many choose innocent passwords, and are unaware of ways to double security.

In light of the growth and severity of these crimes, the United Arab Emirates became the first country in the region to enact an integrated law against IT crimes, which became Order No. 5 of 2012, which in its second article reads “Penalty to anyone who enters a website, information network or other means.” Technology without permission, or staying there illegally, carries a fine of up to 100,000 dirhams and a fine of 300,000 dirhams or both. ”

Penalty: Imprisonment for a term not less than six months and a fine not less than 150,000 dirhams and not exceeding 750,000 dirhams or cancellation, deletion, modification, copy, publication or republishing of any data or information.

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One of these two penalties is imprisonment for less than one year and a fine of less than 250 thousand dirhams and not more than one million dirhams or if the data or information of the acts is personal.

In view of the many cases considered by the courts, it is necessary for fraudsters and cyber criminals to analyze this data so as not to disclose personal data and private family activities through social websites. Or blackmailing him.

Cyber ​​security experts have warned of the risk of clicking on suspicious links obtained through “social media” applications, as this could be a loophole for account hacking, calling on users to enable a two-step verification feature for “WhatsApp”. Especially account to protect from intrusion.

Generally, personal photos should not be placed in communication accounts, chat programs or others, to prevent them from falling into the hands of a criminal if one of them is able to hack the account.

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