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Consequences of the Ukraine War .. Stopping Russian Music Activities in Europe | Art


Russia will be banned from participating in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest as organizers worry about the reputation of Europe’s premier television music event.

The effects of the military operations launched by Russia on Ukrainian lands and their frequencies in world art activities reached bands in Europe, and even at the popular European song “Eurovision” competition.

In London, the Royal Opera House announced on Friday that it was canceling a season of the famous “Bolshoi Ballet” in Moscow following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The upcoming summer of the Bolshoi Ballet at the Royal Opera House was in the final stages of its formation,” he said in a statement, “unfortunately, in the current circumstances, it cannot continue.”

Following the announcement, the Royal Opera House became the latest Western company to cancel its collaboration with Russian groups.

In Germany, the famous Russian leader Valery Kerkiev was asked to issue a general statement against the military action taken by President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine, otherwise he would lose his job, which has been the chief executive since 2015. Munich Philharmonic Band.

The mayor of the city of Bavaria, Dieter Ritter, said in a statement: “I urge Valery Kerky to stay out of Putin’s brutal war against Ukraine.

Kerkiev, the head of the Marinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, which is known for its close ties to the Kremlin, was banned from attending concerts scheduled to host the Vienna Philharmonic Band at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Many Russian artists (pixels) were suspended from participating in art events in Europe until their positions on the Russian invasion of Ukraine were announced.

Last Thursday, the Scala Opera House in Milan asked Kerkiev, who has been described as close to Putin – according to France-Press Agency, and the director of Tchaikovsky’s first performance of “Queen of Spades” – to clarify his position on the invasion of Ukraine. There is a risk of excluding him from future performances of the play, which is scheduled between 5 and next March 13.

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Russia will be denied participation in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and organizers fear the reputation of this most important television concert in Europe after military operations in Ukraine.

“In the context of the unprecedented crisis currently prevailing in Ukraine, we fear that Russia’s participation will damage the credibility of this year’s competition,” the European Broadcasting Union, the organizer of the event, said in a statement on Friday.

Before making a decision, the federation took the necessary time to hold detailed consultations with its members. “Russia won the tournament once in 2008, and Ukraine twice in 2004 and 2016.

Zakreb Philharmonic Orchestra, in unison with Ukraine, pulled two pieces of music by the famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky from the concert on Friday.

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