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Controversy and Disagreement in Sudan over “Fasting Ransom”: “Feeding the Sparrow Is Not Enough”


The month of Ramadan in Sudan got off to a controversial start. The fatwas issued by the Islamic Fiqh Academy and the Council of Scholars on setting a “food ransom for a poor person” sparked strong debate among Sudanese.

In details, the campus, which is considered the official judicial and religious office of the state, and includes scholars and judges for most of the religious sects known in the country, those who have legal reasons, such as those who are ill, cannot observe the Ramadan fast. , and the elderly, set a cost of 600 Sudanese pounds (equivalent to US dollars) for eating one bad “meal” per day.
However, Sheikh Abd al-Rahman Hassan Ahmed, a member of the Sudanese Scholars Association and head of the ruling fatwa department, went further and said the ransom was only 300 Sudanese pounds.

In a video clip posted on social networking sites, he added: “This is what I have heard over and over again in previous years, for which I addressed the Fig Academy, but callers have no life.”
For his part, according to Al-Arabiya.net, Adam Ahmed Youssef, the deputy secretary general of the Ansar Affairs Commission in Sudan – a religious organization belonging to the Ansar Imam al-Mahdi sect – set the amount at one thousand pounds. A poor daily diet is the minimum for recovery.

He requested the Islamic Fiqh Academy to reconsider his fatwa.

He launched a scathing attack on the head of the fatwa department, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Hassan: According to our friend, the head of the fatwa department of the Sudan Scholars Association, his fatwa was not in the language. Round people, and he means football.

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He noted that 200 pounds or 300 pounds would not feed a bird for love, let alone a human soul honored by God. These comments sparked a strong debate on social media platforms about the value of the ransom.

Some of them argued that the specified amount was too low and not enough to feed one person in light of the rising cost of living in Sudan, and they noted that the average price of a typical meal was higher than this amount.

When a commentator considers the amount set by a member of the Sudanese Scholars Association, you are ashamed to give it to your young son for breakfast at school.

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