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Controversy surrounds AI-generated art in games


Steam bans games that use AI-generated art due to copyright issues. Earlier today, a handful of creators reported that Steam, a major gaming platform, rejected their games that use AI-generated assets. This clearly indicates that the use of artificial intelligence needs clear regulation and rules. As for the creators of the game, they should get the intellectual property right.

Are there copyright issues with games that use AI-generated art?

Developer game Try submitting a game to Steam with AI-generated assets. But it fails because there is no permission for such properties. Valve, which developed Steam, says that before releasing games with AI-generated content, the developer must verify ownership of the IP used to train the AI. It’s worth noting that some well-known AI art games are still on Steam, including Atomic Heart and High on Life. So does that mean Steam’s policy only works for committed content creators?

Legal state of the art created by artificial intelligence Content This remains uncertain as copyright protection is not extended to such works in the United States. Japan also imposed restrictions to protect artists’ careers. Steam’s moves against AI art match its efforts to stop bad behavior, such as banning games involving cryptography and NFTs.

We should also point out that using Valve’s automatic detection methods to detect games with AI elements can cause errors. To publish games on Steam, developers must verify the ownership of all artwork. The ongoing conversation around AI-generated art sheds light on the challenges facing platforms and developers in the ever-changing field of AI.

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It’s unclear how Valve will handle the case and whether it will provide further clarification of its policy. In any case, game developers should be prepared to prove that they own the rights to all assets used in their games. Otherwise, Steam and other platforms will not accept them.

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