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Corona in Syria. Hospitals in Damascus and Latakia reach their potential


In light of the talk about the booster dose of corona vaccines, the question arises as to whether it is acceptable for a person to receive a third booster dose of a different type from those received in the first and second doses.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still skeptical about the possibility of mixing different types of vaccines due to a lack of data, according to a report released by the Network.NBC“.

Deputy Director of the FDA’s Department of Immunization Dr. Doreen Fink includes Pfizer-Benontech recipients at this point, so those who qualify for the third dose are the recipients of two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

This means that those receiving the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines will have to wait.

Dr. Vivek Murthy, during a recent conference at the White House, tried to reassure Moderna and Johnson & Johnson dose recipients, “We need to make sure your health is very important and that you are protected against Govt-19, so Food and Drug Administration Moderna And work with Johnson to process the data as quickly as possible.

Pfizer or Moderna .. Which is better in performance and safety?

Questions arise about the effectiveness of corona vaccines, and people usually ask, “Which vaccine should I take to give me more immunity and stay healthy?”

Moderna has applied for a license to administer a third booster dose of corona vaccine.

Dr. Christina Rostad of Emory University School of Medicine told NBC News that she expects the booster dose to be approved in the future, especially if they are similar and share the technology used in this vaccine.

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He adds that it is not yet approved to mix the dosage of vaccines in particular, especially since the information available in this case is still limited.

National Institutes of Public Health are in the second phase of vaccine combination testing because it is in the first phase of testing.

Dr. William Moss of Johns Hopkins University says there is no immune reason to believe that mixing the two vaccines can be a problem in any way, especially for the Fischer and Modern vaccines.

He said it was exciting to mix the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines with Johnson & Johnson’s dose.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently agreed to provide a booster dose of the corona Pfizer vaccine to specific groups over the age of 65.

Pfizer had demanded approval to give a booster dose to those over 16 years of age.

The group refused to approve the vaccine for everyone due to “lack of safety data” regarding the booster dose, and some of them raised doubts about the vaccine and stated that they should only target specific groups. “PPS News”.

The panel agreed to give a booster dose to those at “high risk of the virus” or those with incurable diseases.

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