December 9, 2022

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Corona raises anxiety and depression by 25%

Corona raises anxiety and depression by 25%

The World Health Organization’s Global Mental Health Report states that mental health is the leading cause of disability. In this case, in the 72nd episode of the television episode “Science in Five”, hosted by Vismita Gupta-Smith, Dr. Advanced came to such a conclusion through the official accounts of the World Organization.

These accounts contain a variety of sources of information, including the fact that if an individual has a mental health condition such as depression, it is actually more harmful, and at the workplace level, the main reason workers take sick leave is due to mental health conditions, although this is not often reported. Also, these cases are very common.

Dr. Omrin added that many cases, in fact, begin in the teenage years and are often untreated, with only one-third of people worldwide having access to care and healthcare for their mental health condition.

Epidemiology and mental health

Dr. Omrin said the pandemic’s impact on humans is severe and has already shed light on mental health. The rate of anxiety and depression epidemics increased by about 25% in the first year, which means that about 25% more people suffer from depression or anxiety than before, which is huge, but the good news is that there is no increase in the number of suicides. .

People with severe mental illness are more likely to be infected with the virus, more likely to develop severe cases of Covid-19, and more likely to die from SARS-CoV-2, Dr. Omrin revealed.

Important facts

These are very important facts and not highlighted enough, he added, suggesting that people suffer from constant anxiety or constant sadness, depression or bad moods that don’t present themselves. To lose interest and passion in things he used to love, he needs to take action to ask for help or figure out how to deal with those problems.

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Dr. Omrin suggested that maintaining good mental health involves taking a number of steps, including being physically active, as it is important for both physical and mental health. He may also engage in fun or meaningful activities to maintain his mental health.

She explained that talking with a friend or going for a walk can be fun and beneficial. Dr. Omeren noted that one can practice techniques for managing stress, such as mindfulness meditation, which is increasingly popular and evidence-based. He concluded that if a person has a mental health problem and this advice is not enough, seeking medical help is important and even urgently needed.