June 6, 2023

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Corona virus can cause cerebral palsy and impaired concentration

Corona virus can cause cerebral palsy and impaired concentration

An Oxford University study has concluded that the corona virus can cause brain shrinkage, gray matter in areas that control emotion and memory, and damage parts that control sense of smell.

The scientists said that the effects of Kovit-19 were seen even in those who were not hospitalized and further research was needed to determine if the effect could be reversed and if it would last for a long time.

“There is strong evidence for brain-related abnormalities in COVID-19 patients,” the researchers said in their study.

Participants in the study had a “decline in administrative function”, even in a minor illness, with brain size shrinking by an average of 0.2 percent and two percent, respectively.

The study, reviewed by researchers in the field and published in the journal Nature, examined the brain changes of 785 participants aged 51 to 81, whose brain scans were scanned twice, with 401 of them suffering from COVID-19 between two scans. . The second survey was conducted an average of 141 days after the first survey.

This study was conducted when the alpha mutation of the corona virus was widespread in the UK and is unlikely to include anyone affected by delta strain.

Studies have shown that some people with Govit-19 disease suffer from “brain fog” or mental fog, which include poor attention, concentration, information processing speed and memory.

Researchers have not said whether vaccines against the corona virus will have any effect on the matter, but a review of 15 studies by the UK Health Care Agency last month found that people who are vaccinated are almost half as likely to develop chronic symptoms. Govit-19 than not. Two restaurants.

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