June 7, 2023

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Corruption at the Tokyo Olympics … Gold medals are on fire

Many Chinese champions have complained about the quality of their gold medals at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

The poor quality of the gold medals was first announced on August 23 by women’s stage gymnastics champion Ji Xiuin, according to the Chinese “Wang Yi” website.

At the time the athlete said his gold medal had “begun to peel off”, after which several Chinese champions announced that they had discovered the same problem with their medal, including the Olympic champion in swimming style, Wang Soon and parallel training champion, Xu Xenyuan, on a campus 200 meters away.

On August 25, the organizing committee of the Tokyo Olympic Games told the Chinese newspaper “Global Times” that the finish of the medals was not gold, but a special protective layer and peeling medals did not mean that they were substandard.

The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee said the medals previously awarded were made from recycled consumer electronics, including smartphones and laptops.


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