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Counter Strike 2 is quickly becoming Valve’s worst rated game


Fans of shooting games and e-sports are no secret to the importance of a title like Counter Strike and the dominance of CS:GO on the scene over the past decade. But the series entered a new era with the release of Counter Strike 2 or CS2 instead of its predecessor, which not all players agreed with.

Counter Strike 2 is available now Via the Steam store Since last August, the number of negative reviews for the game has increased during that period, bringing the total to nearly one million. Yes, there are almost a million negative reviews for Counter Strike 2 on Steam.

It’s important to note that these reviews include older reviews for CS:GO, but between those who have and those who haven’t experienced the many technical bugs that affect the experience, there are real issues with CS2 that players have recently mentioned in the review section. Satisfied with the forced transition from the previous game, it was removed from the online store. New Game Account.

Many players are demanding that CS: GO be separate and instead of forcing them to choose between it and the new CS2, as many prefer the atmosphere of the previous game.

This scenario put Valve in an unfavorable comparative position, as the situation compared Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch and replaced it with Overwatch 2, which was subject to unprecedented player dissatisfaction and actually became one of the worst rated games overall. History of steam. It’s true that Valve’s situation isn’t quite as dire, but the American company doesn’t like this comparison.

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