June 3, 2023

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Court orders speedy trial in Elon Musk dispute with Twitter

Court orders speedy trial in Elon Musk dispute with Twitter

Musk signed a deal to buy Twitter in late April for $44 billion (AFP).

After a week of lifting Twitter group Sued Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon MuskToday, Tuesday, the judicial battle in the US began with a preliminary hearing, at the end of which the judge ordered a 5-day mechanism that accelerated the trial in October.

A Delaware judge has set an October date to consider Twitter’s lawsuit to block Musk’s withdrawal. An offer worth $44 billion Musk has pushed for a February 2023 hearing on the takeover of the company and several other proposals for a trial date in court on Tuesday.

Twitter has asked the US Eastern Commercial Court to compel the billionaire to fulfill his commitment to buy the platform for $44 billion. The company had requested a quick trial from September to avoid prolonging the period of uncertainty that has partially crippled the company’s business.

Twitter’s lawyer, William Savitt, pleaded with the judge to take into account the potential damage to the group if the legal proceedings continue for a long time, noting that Musk submitted a request to the US Department of Justice last Friday. After the social network requested a procedure, a trial before the next year.


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Elon Musk signed a deal in late April to buy Twitter, and he unilaterally announced last week that he was canceling the deal, accusing the site’s board of not providing reliable information on the number of fake accounts on the network.

His attorneys said it would require analyzing “mountains of data” to prove Musk’s claims that the site is full of fake accounts, bots and spam, many of which exceed the 5% the company indicated.

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