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Critics: Film revenue is a panorama of quality, not quality


AMMON – Earnings in Egypt’s film-making industry are still the subject of a “fractured” battle. This is in light of the great contradiction between popular success expressed in revenue on the one hand and artistic value on the other. The issue has become a concern among critical circles who observe that collections have started playing a major role in determining the success or failure of any film.

It has been noticeable in recent times that stars are competing for the highest grossing at the box office in theaters, frantically, each of them trying to claim the title of “highest grossing movie franchise”. With nothing else to focus on, the filmmakers are busy collecting, celebrating the daily numbers on their pages on social media, and a large number of viewers broke their silence and expressed their displeasure at the quality and low shock of the films screened. “Al-Bayan” heard the views of some critics who emphasized that “earnings” are not a standard of quality, nor an indicator of value.

In this regard, the art critic Ahmad Saad el-Din told Al-Bayan: There are two types of pictures, the first of which are called mass works, which can generate large revenues, but have no artistic value.

There are many examples of this genre in Egyptian cinema, the most important of which is the film “Abdo Mota”, which received an unprecedented income, but did not have great artistic value, and the same is the case with the film “Al-Lumbi”, whose success exceeded all expectations, and despite everything, in which art No value. He emphasized that the movie “Marai Al Primo” by artist Mohamed Henadi, which is currently showing in cinemas, joins this category of films.

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Saad al-Din added: There is another type of great artistic value, but it is not popular.

Other factors

For art critic Mahmoud Abdel Shakoor, he emphasized that box office revenue is not a measure of success, and he pointed out that a film making millions of pounds in a week or a short time does not mean it has good artistry. condition.


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