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Crowning of winners of pizza competitions on the sidelines of the “Ative” exhibition



November 30, 2023

02:44 am

Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”
The pizza competitions concluded at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center where many talented chefs from around the world competed to showcase their unique skills in preparing various pizza dishes.
The competition, organized during the second session of the Abu Dhabi International Food Expo (ADEV), presented a panel of top pizza chefs, experts and culinary innovators to celebrate the art of pizza making and its legendary place on the global table. A fresh look at international pizza cuisine gives visitors the chance to taste different types of pizza, as well as learn about new ingredients and innovative ways to prepare this popular dish year-round.
The competition includes celebrity lessons, live performances and competitions in making different types of pizza, such as an Italian breakfast with Chef Dino, and culinary arts lessons by Chef Francesco Macro and other chefs.
Michelin Starred Chef Simone Bulgari, Chef Talia and Chef Alessio Peruzzi showcased their skills and innovative methods in preparing delicious pizza.
Mario Federici Antonia won the competition, while Jamal Allodi Ahmed Al-Sawi of El Forno, Adam Vibrianto of El Sole, Larry Galinga of Cafe Italiano, Orgen Isayev of Torno Subito and Nairob Hussain of Luna Rosa qualified for the final round. Dishes participating in the competition were judged on creativity, taste, method of presentation and originality.
The competition reflected the global reputation the Abu Dhabi International Food Fair has achieved and the unique mark it has made on the global pizza cooking scene.

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