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Cybersecurity Council exposes phishing methods


Abu Dhabi: Imad Al-Din Khalil

The UAE Government’s Cyber ​​Security Council has revealed the methods that electronic phishing hackers use to capture personal data of individuals, companies, public and private institutions, and put businesses and finances at risk.

If a hacker wants to penetrate the security system of a company or bank, for example, it would take weeks or months for him to access a loophole that he could use to launch a cyber attack, the council said, however, there is another quick and relatively easy solution. A safe method used by many attackers is phishing.

He explained that electronic phishing is harmful messages that stimulate the senses of the user until he clicks on a particular link, whether this user is a general visitor or a specific person, once the user opens the link, he falls into the hacker’s trap and becomes a victim of unwanted curiosity and intrusion. He and his business are at risk. are exploited.

Through electronic phishing, a hacker tricks the user through a fake message containing a link containing malicious and harmful software. If the user does not carefully read the content of the message and opens it or clicks on the links in it. That, he faces a big problem that his money is stolen or his money is hacked, destroys his system or even his reputation because he has no control over the computer he is using.

In order to protect ourselves from the dangers of electronic phishing attacks, the Council emphasized the need not to disclose any personal information that could be used to identify you, as official organizations would never request such information and would not open any links from sources. What you didn’t know before, you should also use programs like protection from cyber attacks, updating all software periodically, changing passwords regularly and using double security keys.

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The Cyber ​​Security Council has called on mobile phone users to be cautious, avoid falling prey to phishing attacks and malicious scams, and avoid opening unknown links such as encrypted websites and suspicious links.

The Council called on users to regularly update their mobile device software to prevent device vulnerabilities from being exposed, citing ways to hack mobile devices, including using suspicious links, vulnerabilities and unencrypted public programs, and direct connection to lure unsuspecting users. to send their confidential data.

The Council emphasized the importance of mobile phone users adhering to usage standards, particularly for workplace phones, and continuous auditing and monitoring.

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