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Dalal Mahmood: There is no text crisis at Emirates


Between the worlds of cinema, theater and theater, the colors and vocabulary of the beacons of creativity of the Emirati artist and writer Talal Mahmoud continue, he continues to leave, through the directions and characteristics of his ideas, his unique and continuous stamp. The context and content of every effort and work he undertakes, which is evident in his latest publication, is a collection of horror and mystery stories that the author has collected in this book, and he has always immersed himself in their orbit and excelled in narrating. turns them on.

“Al-Bayan” met playwright Talal Mahmoud to talk about the effects of the arts and their effects in the context of his writings. He emphasized in the interview that Emirati writers are strong and claims of a text crisis have no basis or truth. Rather, there is hope and lack of faith in our creative abilities.

In particular, he says: First of all, I would like to congratulate Dar Qissa and Abdulaziz Muhammad, who encouraged me to continue and from whom I saw great interest, cooperation, quality of work and excellent follow-up. It was an interesting experience for me, and I consider it one of the first reasons why I would do it again.

He continued: The book (darkness) refers to a collection of stories in the world of horror and mystery, and its events all revolve around the theme of shadows or places and creatures in darkness or hidden worlds, that’s for sure. My character, known to people around me in the world of cinema or theatre, would be in stories, explaining the way of storytelling and the visual representation of events and the lack of dialogues. This aspect of literature I like to constantly enter into its worlds, and my second experience in horror literature comes from my observations and reading the experiences of others, which is necessary for me because I am new to the field of writing.

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Cinema and Theatre

Regarding Al-Bayan’s excellence in cinema, theater and drama, and the reason for his move towards writing, Talal says: “I have not separated from my passion for cinema and theatre, but there is another joy in narrating. Some of the ideas you can’t see behind the scenes.” Or on stage, instead of locking my thoughts in drawers, I start editing from there. Writing is what makes me who I am. As a writer, I would like to point out that the Sharjah International Book Fair represents the beginning of my journey between my imagination and the shelves, and here I am today putting my book between the shelves. “I dreamed of finding out. My name on it.”


Talal Mahmood expresses his opinion on proposals that believe there is a real text crisis in Emirati literary fields: “There is no shortage of quantity and quality of Emirati texts, but there is a lack of confidence in our creativity. The widespread illusion is always found in the broad topic (lack of writers), which is not true. In the world of stories and novels There are creators, whose books can be turned into important works for television, cinema or theater. In this regard, I point out that my teacher Ismail Abdullah is the best example of the creativity of our writers, who leaves an important mark on the audience by writing plays.

Industry wealth

Regarding the role of competent authorities in enriching the publishing sector and making it an influential and quality creative sector in social development, he says: “I would like to point out that our wise leadership has spared no effort in supporting and encouraging writers. I believe that our associated institutions should diversify and intensify their support environments and structures. .” For writers and creators, through many advanced and continuous efforts, especially regarding taking the hands of our novelists and creating various local novels.I am interested in continuing to seek continuous support and distribution channels to support my creative projects and translate my ambitions.

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3 people

About the creative field that sees him most, be it theater, cinema, direction or writing, Talal says: “I decided from the beginning to divide myself into 3 people as a creator and creative producer. Dalal’s personality is writer. If given an opportunity in the field of theater and cinema he would be a writer.There is nothing wrong with television.In addition to Dalal’s acting persona, when there are opportunities in theatre, television, cinema, directing, I see myself only in cinema and still trying to save the rest to prove myself and make a unique film so that audiences return to the theatres. , because it is very difficult for me to direct. A local cinema film with film elements of true cinematic quality, and international quality is not limited to budget as some people think, rather the culture of film making is enduring, but I repeat it to myself and myself. Myself, I thank God that there are bad people so that I can be good. And it is this destiny that makes me a film maker and I try to bring the audience back to the stage after losing faith in all the works available on the stage. Unfortunately the quality is less than expected except for a few experiments, and kudos to them for making unique movies.

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