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Dana Salah in her latest work “Rouge”


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After a series of big hits with his previous works, artist Dana Sala has launched his new work “Rouge”.

Dana is unique in mixing Arabic elements of nostalgia with modern rhythms, creating a renewed blend between keeping pace with the times and keeping to her Arabic identity.

His impressive transition from achieving success on the English-language Billboard charts to creating a sensation in Arabic music highlights his remarkable ability to move gracefully between languages ​​and express himself with ease in each.

Produced by his longtime Palestinian collaborator Rami Afoni and co-written with Paolo “Shirazi” Prudenzio and Wissam Ali, “Rouge” combines balladic Arabic drum rhythms with mesmerizing French song melodies.

Choosing the Color of Love aims to present a realistic story of a changing relationship, expressing it with a poetic touch, “I see you now in red”, a beloved French expression that signifies a change of feelings, which is still surprising. There is hope for continuation of the relationship or it may end after feelings change. .

For the music video directed by Modern Day Auteur, Dana navigates a relationship that grows cold within the confines of a New York City apartment. Her dress, designed by Briggi, showcases Gucci’s three vintage looks, and the fashion choice pays homage to the retro significance of 1920s Florence, marked by a cultural renaissance seeking inspiration from historical treasures.

This reflects the title’s significance to Dana, who draws her inspiration from the elders of Arab tradition and symbolizes the pearl (the meaning of her name) released from the necklace she was forced to wear.

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Dana shares the screen with a star, symbolizing the emotional separation between the couple, who plays a puppet and performs the expected actions without revealing her true personality.

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