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Daoud Abdel-Sayed: Faten Hamama, who proposed “The Land of Dreams” “Sting”, did not like | News


Best Director Dawood Abdel Saeed considers working with the late Arab filmmaker Faton Hamama as a gift from him and an opportunity from the royal gateway to Egyptian cinema. Work on his latest film “The Land of Dreams”.

Faten Hammama

Dawood Abdel-Sayyid, while hosting a media briefing on “One Last Word”, told Lamis al-Hadidi on the channel: The idea of ​​”sting” in pronouncing letters was suggested by Faton Hamama and I liked it. That is because it shows the character and indicates that he was taught in French schools.

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Dawood Abdel Saeed

In answer to a question, did you find it difficult to work with her? He said: While making the film, it was known that Faten Hamama was entering Egyptian cinema through its royal gateway, but the problem was that it belonged to star cinema, focusing on it and choosing the film. The screenplay, the cast and the cinematographer, and I belong to the director’s cinema, which is a contradiction, but we disagree.

He added: “One of the things that annoyed her the most was not having to tie the knot for three days of filming and having to work about 15 hours shooting in the apartment, and creating the buzz of the shoot for this period. Star Cinema.

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Dawood Abdel Saeed

He continued, “What I got after that was that she did not like the film because she was not treated like a queen, and I did not invite her to attend the film’s montage to avoid her commenting. The thing was she was valued.”

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Director Dawood Abdel Saeed was recently awarded the 2022 Nile Prize in Art, and novelist Ibrahim Abdel Meguid won the Literary Award, as well as the late lawyer Rahoi Att in the field of social sciences. .

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