June 5, 2023

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“Dar Al Ber” and “An Plan” Real Estate Launch “Nonbu Iftar” Initiative

In collaboration with “Dar Al Ber” Association, Dubai-based “An Plan” Real Estate Company has launched an initiative called “Iftar Fasting and Investing with God” to serve Iftar meals throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

The campaign aims to provide around 9,000 Iftar meals, 300 meals to workers and worshipers throughout the holy month, at a total value of Dh135,000, equivalent to Dh15 per meal at the Dubai Civil Service Mosque.

CEO and Managing Director of Dar Al Ber Association Dr. Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi affirmed that the Ramadan charity initiative “in the program” has a wide range of positive impact and benign effects, which is reflected in the fasting, the needy and the limited number of people. Income, in the UAE, by providing for their food needs during Ramadan.

He said: The Ramadan Iftar program for the welfare of fasting people in the UAE reflects a bright social scene in the UAE, where efforts, energies and skills are pooled by private and public institutions, charities, civil society and people. Promoting humanitarian work and charity efforts and providing for the needs of the poor and low-income people, as well as consolidating the faith and spiritual atmosphere in the holy month, the Ramadan “project” indicates that the project is a lively one. And a bright picture of national social partnership.

Regarding this, Real Estate Consultant Ahmed Al-Dawla, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “On Plan” Real Estate Company said: This initiative falls within the framework of the company’s sustainable interest and continued participation in social and humanitarian activities. The company is proud to express the spirit of participation and communication with all sections of the society and all its spectrums and to support charitable and humanitarian work initiatives based on its mission, especially in this holy month, to alleviate the sufferings of workers and other needy people in this holy month and to bring smiles to their faces. participates.

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On Plan has always been keen to uphold the concept of comprehensive social responsibility and promote loyalty and a sense of belonging to this altruistic country. Bonds of kindness and harmony between the parties of society in this holy month.

He explained that the “Iftar for Fasting” initiative is one of a series of humanitarian and social initiatives that the Commission intends to launch during the blessed month of Ramadan as part of its annual agenda for social responsibility initiatives that benefit thousands of fasting people. and needy people around the world, with broad charitable and humanitarian goals and aspirations, to support the poor, and in the blessed month, the low-income people within the country and abroad, and meet and fulfill their needs. their needs.

He added that Dar Al Ber Society pays great attention to the Iftar fasting campaign in the holy month every year and praised the Ramadan charity program package launched by “Dar Al Ber” this year as it includes new quality ideas and initiatives. The Family Breakfast Initiative, an entire village’s breakfast outside the country, and breaking the fast outside, are breakfasts inside and outside for fasting people in addition to two traditional seasonal programs during the blessed month. Emirates.