March 23, 2023

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Dar Al Ber embarks on a journey to perform Umrah with the participation of 122 pilgrims

Dar Al Ber Association has launched a new initiative within its social charity program “Umrah Al-Omar” to sponsor a trip to perform Umrah rituals for the benefit of the needy and low-income people within the country, all expenses covered. 122 pilgrims from different countries participated.

CEO and Managing Director of Dar Al Ber Association, Dr. Muhammad Suhail Al Muhairi confirmed to 13 that 1254 pilgrims participated in the “Umrah of the Life” program in the last five years (2018-2022). Trips to perform rituals at Makkah al-Mukharramah, excluding trips to Madinah, total 1.7 million dirhams.

Al Muhairi said that “Dar Al Ber” adopts a well-established charitable approach and a transparent and balanced humanitarian policy that includes various aspects of life, material, life, service, society, religion and spirituality. People with limited income from various sections of the society, and promoting the values ​​of social cohesion and national unity and supporting the concept of security and social stability, is a living and effective translation of the policy, vision and directives of the government. Our brilliant leadership in the humanitarian sector.

He pointed out that in the past years, the association has given wide attention and great attention to its program “Umrah Al-Umar” because of its firm role in providing opportunities to certain sections of the society such as workers and low-income workers. , to perform Umrah rituals and promote religious values ​​and psychological stability among them, pointing out the role of philanthropists and philanthropists among the people of the UAE in the Umrah of the Life project, through their generous alms and donations. The association is keen to continue the project and its continuation to include a large number of beneficiaries who cannot travel and perform Umrah at their own expense.

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Dar Al Ber adopts a philanthropic approach that encompasses various aspects of material, social, religious and spiritual life.