February 8, 2023

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منتخب الإمارات تحت 23 عاما

Dates for Monday’s matches on the AFC U-23 Cup and Carrier Channels

Today, Monday, June 6, 2022, many important matches will take place at the level of the AFC U-23 Cup.

This year’s AFC U-23 Cup attracted a lot of attention due to the good conditions and fun competitions provided by the participating teams.

The U-23 Asian Cup will be held in Uzbekistan this year.

What is the structure of the Asian Cup U-23?

There are 16 teams participating in the AFC U-23 Cup, and they are divided into 4 teams, so there are 4 teams in each team, and each team plays 3 matches because there is no repeat of the match.

The first and second place winners from each group advance to the quarterfinals, where the leader takes second place from another group by lottery.

Dates for Monday’s matches on the AFC U-23 Cup and Carrier Channels

Today’s matches in the AFC U – 23 Cup will be very important because the Saudi national team will face Japan in an important match at 5 pm Mecca time.

If the Saudi national team wins, its official promotion will be guaranteed.

The UAE national team will play Tajikistan at exactly seven in the evening Abu Dhabi time and there is no alternative but to win “Al-Abyad” back into the match.

Schedule of today’s matches on the AFC U-23 Cup and carrier channels



Carrier channel

Saudi Arabia – Japan

16:00 Saudi Arabia, 15:00 Egypt

SSC Game

United Arab Emirates – Tajikistan

19:00 UAE, 17:00 Egypt

SSC Game