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Does Aurora Borealis occur on other planets outside the planet?


Dance ribbons of green, red and purple light illuminate the night sky from time to time Polar circle In the area around the north and Antarctica, is called Aurora borealisThe event was named after the ancient Greek dawn deity, but Aurora’s appearance was the result of strong solar winds blowing into the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

According to RT, the photons from these solar winds, when in contact with atmospheric gases, glow with bright colors and are drawn into spectacular shapes with the Earth’s magnetic field.

“Oxygen is red and green, and blue or purple nitrogen,” said James O’Donoghue, of the Japan Space Research Organization (JAXA) LiveScience.

But is Earth the only place in the solar system where Aurora borealis can be found?

Aurora borealis is not unique to Earth, it is found in other celestial bodies, and this aurora borealis outside the planet takes on very beautiful and strange shapes.

“When you look at other planets, the basic rules change,” Tom Stallard, a planetary astronomer at the University of Leicester in the UK, told LiveScience, for example, that a type of aurora (known as zigzag auroras) recently discovered on Mars was a snake orbiting the red planet. According to 2021 research published in the Geophysical Research Letters, some of Saturn’s auroras are formed by meteorological patterns, although only by lines. The magnetic field of Uranus is tilted. , Like the planet around its axis, the aurora borealis takes on intricate shapes and forms in unexpected areas.

According to a 2017 study published in Nature, the strongest auroras in the solar system occur on Jupiter, and these intense bursts of electromagnetic radiation are 30 times stronger than those on Earth, but even with that force, you probably would not do so. Jupiter’s aurora can be seen with the naked eye, where most of its light is emitted at wavelengths outside the visible spectrum, O’Donoghue said: “Jupiter and Saturn are the largest emitters of infrared, and then the light you see, X – rays and even radio.”

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According to experts elsewhere in the solar system, the definition of aurora borealis is correct, with aurora generally believed to be the luminous electromagnetic luminosity caused by solar wind in the planet’s atmosphere (or moon), but not to Mercury. Let’s talk about the atmosphere, but it experiences magnetic storms.

“If you look at the Wednesday night side with an X-ray spectrometer, you will see rocks on the surface glowing with X-ray emissions, so it’s like a solid-state aurora, and the X-ray spectrometer is an important tool in high – frequency light waves and astronomy,” Stallard said.

According to NASA, solar winds do not form some of Jupiter’s auroras, but rather particles emitted by the planet’s volcanic moon in the magnetic field.

Scientists believe that enough to detect the first auroras in exoplanets can be seen even in the universe. No one knows what these light shows are waiting for, but they will be amazing, ‘Stallard said:’ Every aurora is fun and different.

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