June 5, 2023

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Dealing with jinn in terrifying details

Dealing with jinn in terrifying details

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists have circulated on social media videos of an interview with a man claiming to be a witch before he “repented”, revealing terrifying details about the rest of the world, which provoked a connection.

Spreading videos were taken from an interview with Sudanese witch Hamid Adam on the Al Rayyan channel last January 2020.

Saudi writer Abdul Rahman al-Muydar, quoting video clips from the interview, released a series of tweets: “One of the most controversial figures in the world, the repentant Sudanese sorcerer, is one of the most dangerous sorcerers. Story.and sorcery!

Al-Muaither continued: “In the beginning, Hameed was not an ordinary sorcerer! The 236 geniuses who served him served him and carried out all his commands! Sent them.Their service was so cruel to human beings that he was a leader.One of the leaders of the jinn could serve him at any time.

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