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Dean of Arts in Cairo: Theological Faculties and “Humanities” have become ideal faculties for this reason.


Written by Mohammad Sofi

Sunday, August 13, 2023 01:00 AM

Dr. Nakla Rafat said Dean of the Faculty of Arts At Cairo University, the faculty has 9 special programs: “Special translation for English language, Special translation for German language, Special translation program for Spanish language, Special translation for Chinese language, Arabic. A language program for non-native speakers, a specialized translation program for French, and a specialized translation program for Japanese.

Dr. Nagla Rafat, in “Seventh Day” reports, the college’s plans include a surveying and remote sensing program, a project that will meet and adapt to the labor market. , covering the governorate in terms of urbanization, measurements, enumeration of governorates and industrial, agricultural and urban activities appropriate to the governorate, along with a business administration program in Chinese, which is one of the programs offered in the international branch. Cairo University and the graduate will receive a dual certificate.

The dean of Cairo University’s Faculty of Arts mentions the college’s general departments, the Department of Oriental Languages, which has 3 departments: “Hebrew, Turkish, Persian and soon a European language” and the department English, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Latin, Modern Greek, Department of History, Department of Psychology, Sociology and Geography. .

Dr. Nakhla Rafat continued that the languages ​​most needed by the labor market are English, Chinese and non-Arabic speakers, which attracts students from abroad to learn Arabic, Spanish, Turkish and Hebrew, providing opportunities. Broadcast and abroad, as well as the German division.

The dean of the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University sent a message to high school students, saying, “The time has come to change the path of knowledge. Not only do top teachers fulfill dreams and aspirations, but other faculties now represented in arts and faculties, as well as theoretical faculties, especially the study of languages, social sciences and humanities, are now in the labor market. have become excellent faculties.”

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