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Dean of Science, Stanford University Cairo in the United States is listed among the 2% most distinguished scientists.


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Friday, 6 October, 2023 02:32 PM

American Stanford University, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Cairo University Dr. Ahmad Abd Al-Sherif has made the list of 2% of the world’s most distinguished and influential scientists for 2023.

The classification published on October 4 and available at Elsevier Publishing House covers 22 scientific disciplines and 174 sub-disciplines.

Dr. Dean of the Faculty of Science, Cairo University. Ahmad Al-Sharif, in a statement released today Friday, said faculty activists are interested in promoting scientific research, increasing the number of research published internationally, and providing the necessary support to researchers. To increase the number of research and international participation, to improve its quality and quantity in terms of quantity and quality, to create laboratories, to create research groups, morally, materially and logistically, contribute to achieving advanced levels in international classifications in various specialties. .

Stanford University’s list of the world’s top 2% scientists in various scientific fields uses international publisher Elsevier’s Scopus database to extract various indicators, including the number of research papers, their validity, and the number of citations. For them, the Hirsch coefficient for researcher, co-author, co-citation and number of research papers. It is internationally refereed.

He said that universities are factories of manpower and expertise that advance nations and that universities play an important role in three main axes of education, scientific research and social service and to communicate in line with these axes. The progress and prosperity we enjoy.

He continued: “There must be a mechanism to evaluate the performance of the university, and this mechanism is represented in the international classification of universities, because the revival of a country or a country has no other way than knowledge through the improvement of university performance.”

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Al-Sharif congratulated Cairo University scholars in general, and the Faculty of Science scholars in particular, who were included in Stanford’s list of the world’s top 2% of scholars in various majors and subfields, representing distinguished specimens. Faculty at all local, regional and international levels and for Cairo University.

He praised their outstanding efforts in scientific research, educational process and scientific advancement, which contributed to the Faculty of Science maintaining its position among the Faculties of Cairo University, being the engine of scientific research and always occupying first place in scientific publication and international. classifications.

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