March 25, 2023

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Death of an Egyptian artist during an operation

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Today, Egyptian artist Ahmed Abdel Hai dies during surgery due to poor health.

Maunir Makram, a member of the artist and representative industries syndicate, announced Abdel Hai’s death on his Facebook page, saying, “God is always … artist Ahmed Abdel Hai.” I pray for the late artist.

The artist, Ahmed Abdel Hai, has been unwell for the past few days and is scheduled to meet for surgery this morning at Nasser Institute Hospital, but he took his final breath during the surgery.

The latest work by the late artist Ahmed Abdel Hai is part of the fictional series Wadi El-Jin – The Cave, a fictional series depicting the story of four university students exploring the mysterious caves of the Egyptian desert. In the underworld ruled by evil forces.

The series features a number of prominent stars from Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria, as well as rising stars Yusuf Othman and Laila Ahmed Zahar, Roa Shanuha and Mohsen Mansour. Major stars like Khalid Kamal, Feroz Saeed and Cynthia Khalifa with special looks. Pushra Rassa and Reham Saeed.


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