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Death of Egyptian playwright Abu al-Ela al-Salamouni


Death of Egyptian playwright Abu al-Ela al-Salamouni

Egyptian playwright Muhammad Abu al-Ela al-Salamouni died on Sunday evening at the age of 82 while attending one of the theater’s gatherings, critic Muhammad Rubi reported.

Ruby wrote: “He passed away at the moment every creator wishes. He passed away while speaking to us at the Board of Directors meeting of the National Center, discussing and defending the need for the continuation of the drama magazine. May God have mercy on the great creator Muhammad Abu al-Ela al-Salamouni and give us his last lessons. He insisted on providing. In God’s heaven, the owner of a fragrant biography.

He was invited by the General Commission for Palaces of Culture headed by director Hisham Adwa, the chairman of the commission. He honed his managerial skills by advancing through several positions, including theater management and editor-in-chief of a series of theater texts at palaces of culture.

The late writer, who graduated from the Faculty of Arts, worked as a Theater General at the General Commission for Palaces of Culture and as a member of the Standing Committee for Theater at the Supreme Council of Culture.

The writer wrote several plays including “Diwan al-Baqar”, “Al-Malim Be Arba” and “I Love You, Criminal”. Wrote for private theater, drama theater, school theater, dramatization of curricula.

He has many experiences in television drama and wrote series: “Bitter Lakes”, “Love in the Age of Drought”, “Forbidden Deals”, “Dangerous News”, “Stolen Dreams” and “The Story of a City”.

His most recent theater publication is “Report on Popular Theatre… Towards the Establishment of a Theory for Popular Theatre”, published by the General Commission for Palaces of Culture.

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In his autobiography, al-Salamouni spoke of his experience of political arrest, accused of communism, and lack of news from his family in Tamita. Through the cell window, hopefully. It falls into the hands of someone who carries it or sends it to their families at an address written on paper.

That ploy succeeded in getting a message out of the news, so the wife quickly recruited Zaki Murad, a prominent lawyer who had been arrested as part of the September arrest campaign, so Abu al-Ela al-Salamouni instructed his wife to go. Prominent lawyer Nabil al-Hilali, who took up the case, succeeded in freeing the prisoners.

During his career, Al-Salamouni won many awards, such as the State Prize for Literature for Drama Text in 1984, the State Medal for Science and Arts First Class in 1986, and the International Book Fair Award for Best Drama Text. In 1992 in Cairo, and in 1995 at the Carthage International Festival, he was awarded the Award for Best Dramatic Text in Classical Arabic from the ALEXO Organization.

He won the Gold Medal for Best Screenplay in a Television Drama at the Cairo International Radio and Television Festival in 1997, and the Author Award at the Fourth Egyptian National Theater Festival for his play “Under Thread” presented by Hanager Theatre.

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