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Destiny 2 replaces the Yoni Cuff silently


Rule 2 There have been many revisions since then light fall This extension was launched a few weeks ago. But nothing like yesterday’s update. The hotfix, not mentioned in the patch notes, secretly changed the game’s brand new Warlock brazer armor to look less like a cunt.

A hate link is a type of object Rule 2New Nightmares Root Raid It went live on March 10 and focuses on Nezerek, a former follower of the game’s antagonist, The Witness. Until Jupiter, it could have been mistaken for an alien flashlight, mainly because of a small horizontal slit in the front.

It looks like an eyelash, maybe, not really. Its resemblance to the vulva is especially noticeable when certain shades are applied. Players have suggested all sorts of names — Witness, Nessus, Nessylite — but “Fantasy” stuck.

such as First reported by ForbesPaul TassieBungie has now taken steps to take down Iris. This week’s patch fixes several bugs. The biggest change from the patch notes fixed the infamous Thresher fighters that were killing players across the solar system. The fact that the vamp removes Bondassi’s hole and makes it less suggestive is completely ignored. It is now a giant space pearl.

Hidden content changes and visual changes like this are rare, because Rule 2 The community is very sensitive to every little change in the world of science fiction. Bungie He removed an apron in 2017 Because there was an alt-right symbol with a Nazi look. Bondosi wasn’t hate speech, though it was clearly at odds with Bungie’s larger artistic intentions regarding Raid Shield. Or the studio didn’t like the “fantasy” title.

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