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Details of American rapper Travis Scott’s first response to accusations of Freemasonry. Video


I wrote – Hadeel Al Banna

Friday, July 21, 2023 09:00 PM

New coverage by Al-Youm TVProduced by colleague Hadeel Al-Banna and delivered by colleague Muhammad Abu Laila in the message of American rapper Travis Scott, he responded to accusations that he conducts strange rituals at his parties, tantamount to Satanism and Freemasonry, which he sent to the company responsible for the party in Egypt.

Scott said social media had spread “misinformation” that there were strange rituals at his concerts.

Scott responded to the rumor mill in recent times:
In response to false information circulating on social media that my concerts are strange rituals, I do not have a single song that insults any people, let alone Egyptians. I don’t have strange rituals, just celebrations.

– I’m a big fan of Egyptian culture and history, that’s why I chose Pyramids to release my first album 5 years ago, it means a lot to me.

– I had a very successful concert in Saudi Arabia in front of 70,000 spectators in April, without any problems.

– We have been working for months to prepare for the ceremony and get permission.

– I am from Houston, from a family that respects people, loves God and attends church prayers.

– Content raised on social media is not from real people, but from fake accounts.

A tragedy occurred at one of my concerts in 2012, but I have given hundreds of concerts without incident.

– If you don’t take our equipment, we can’t host the party.

– Do not allow the spread of false information to prevent this event that will bring positive interest to Egypt, its economy and its treasures.

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