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Hajja Fatimah… She became a linguistic and intellectual reference in the struggle for knowledge during Bourguiba’s time.



Hajja Fatima Zawam, Asila Motamdia Dhiba, from Tataouine Governorate, age 79. Known for her interest in studies and reading since childhood. He insisted on learning and studying despite the difficult situation the country was going through.

In 1958, Haja Fatima obtained her cesium certificate from Zarah Institute in Capes State, the premier in the South East.

Fatima met former President Habib Bourguiba in 1958 during his visit to Dehiba’s delegation. He was greatly impressed by his educational level, culture and his insistence on success.

Bourguiba ordered Aunt Fátima to be transferred to Tunisia to continue her studies, but the supervisors of the educational institution blocked her regionally and at the request of several parents, tearing up her “school file and the documents sent to transfer her to Tunis.

Behaviors Haja Fatima increased her determination to succeed, took her room as a school, redoubled her efforts in learning languages, science and reading, and until she acquired the main body of knowledge, the people of the region were known as a scholar and cultured lady who gave all intellectual, cultural and historical seminars.

Aunty Fatima spoke with passion and love about the hardships she went through and was very happy with her success in challenging and gaining knowledge in difficult situations where women did not enjoy the right to education, and she considered herself a major motivation to continue learning with effort.

Habib Shabani

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