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Devolver Cheekily Prods Sega on Sonic Origins Pre-orders


Random: Pre-orders Devolver Cheekily Prods Sega on Sonic Origins

Photo: Sega

Ah, you can always count on Delover Digital to beat the bull with its horns and enjoy any situation. This time, Sega is the backbone of the comedy.

Earlier this week, the much-anticipated Sega Sonic set, Sonic originI get Official departure date is June 23 After several days of leaks. While some were excited, it was hard to ignore the Sega chaotic order table created for the group. Fortunately, we have a little guide that explains everything for you, but we would also like to know what you think of Seka’s weird move:

Imagine if you did not have to proceed. Many ask why older Sonic games need a set of add-ons. Surely we want to play the best versions of the classic Quintet with many quality life features?

Well, leave it to DeVolver to seize the opportunity to look at Seka and laugh at Sonic Origins pre-order table. As a fun move, the publisher used this opportunity to promote one of his games – Day trip.

When things like extra animations and letterbox backgrounds are locked up for pre-orders (or special editions are given as a bonus if pre-ordered), it’s hard not to laugh when DeVolver gives “full credits at the end” and “awesome soundtrack” on their fake desk. Can you imagine the developer locking up the final loans behind a payroll? Although there are many games in “The Real End” where you have to collect extra bonus content and pay.

Inside our friends Eurocomer Contact Sega about booking rewards. Because of the amount of contact and confusion it causes, Sega may have to reconsider things. But at least DeVolver made us laugh a little.

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