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Did Azerbaijan close Kameni’s representative office? The Iranian embassy clarifies


Tensions between are rising Tehran and Baku In recent days, there have been conflicting reports that Azerbaijani authorities have closed the office of a representative of the Iranian regime’s top leader Ali Khamenei in the capital, Baghdad.

The Iranian embassy denied the news when the “Tasnim” news agency announced on Tuesday that it would close the office of Ali Akbar Azak Nejad in Baghdad on the orders of the authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

“Iranian Husseiniya” and Corona

He explained that the closure of “Iranian Husseiniya” in Baghdad was due to the corona virus. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

He also confirmed that legal and diplomatic efforts are underway to reopen Husseinia.

Air closure

At the same time, Iran closed its airspace to Azerbaijan warplanes, which carried military supplies to the Naxalite Autonomous Republic.

According to the news agency “Sputnik Azerbaijan”, Iran sent a statement to the head of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense through its official military channels.

Kamal Karzai, chairman of Iran’s Strategic Council for Foreign Relations, said on Tuesday that the current government in Azerbaijan was “making a strategic mistake”, according to the Force News Agency.

Tight charges and floor maneuvers

The relationships between are remarkable Tehran and Baku It has been tense in recent days after the Azerbaijani government unilaterally announced heavy tariffs on trucks carrying Iranian fuel to the city of Stephenkert, the capital of the pro-Armenian Republic of Karachi.

Iran has previously announced that it will conduct ground drills in the northwestern part of the country on the border with Azerbaijan, saying it aims to strengthen the barrier to dealing with any potential risks.

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This provoked criticism from Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who condemned Iran’s plans to carry out the maneuvers, while Tehran expressed “surprise” at the reports, accusing Pak of collaborating with Israel near the Iranian border.

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