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Difference between bluetooth and wireless communication


Many smartphone users may sometimes want to send files and photos via Internet networks, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other programs.

At the same time, many users do not know the differences between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and the features and applications of each.

What are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies?

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are common wireless connections used in electronic devices.

But there are big differences between them in terms of purpose of use, speed, power consumption and connectivity.

Key Differences Between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Purpose of Application:

  • Wi-Fi: Generally used to connect devices to the Internet and exchange data over long distances, it is mainly used in homes, offices and public places.
  • Bluetooth: Primarily used to connect devices in close proximity, such as wireless headphones and car mobile devices, and requires a close distance between connected devices.


  • Wi-Fi: Provides high data transfer speeds, which can range from several megabits per second to tens or hundreds of megabits per second, or even gigabits per second in some modern implementations.
  • Bluetooth: offers slower speeds compared to Wi-Fi, typically ranging from a few kilobits per second to several megabits per second.

Power consumption:

  • Wi-Fi: It consumes more power compared to Bluetooth and requires a stable connection to an electrical network or a powerful battery to work.
  • Bluetooth: Consumes less power

Wi-Fi network features

Wireless networks, such as Wi-Fi networks, use radio waves for accuracy and data transmission, replacing wires and cables. Among its most important features are the following:

  1. Wi-Fi can penetrate walls and reach tight spaces.
  2. Wi-Fi network settings are simple and easy, and you don’t need time to add multiple networks.
  3. Wi-Fi service can be used on all devices that support wireless communication, including mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Wi-Fi service is available free of charge in some hotels, restaurants and public places.
  4. A Wi-Fi network does not require wires because it travels over the air, so the user can point the device in any direction he wants.
  5. A Wi-Fi network gives the user the freedom to move from one place to another and is not restricted to a specific location. We can easily scale up the coverage so that the network can reach a larger number of users such as airports. and malls, by increasing the number of access points. .
  6. The Wi-Fi network is characterized by privacy and confidentiality because you can exchange data safely because it is supported by the Internet feature, and this type of encryption protects the data and protects it from hacking, which makes it difficult to hack the service, or spy on the data.
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Bluetooth network features

Bluetooth Network Bluetooth is a wireless device that was developed to get rid of the hassle of wires. Bluetooth is used to provide communication between peripheral devices and its main features are as follows:

  1. Bluetooth is a wireless device, so wires are not required when transferring data.
  2. Bluetooth does not require a mobile phone data service or Wi-Fi network to be activated when sending and receiving photos, videos, etc.
  3. Bluetooth is cheaper than Wi-Fi.
  4. Since Bluetooth devices update themselves every time without user intervention, Bluetooth does not need to be updated from you every now and then.
  5. Bluetooth is used in healthcare devices to send and receive signals to certain monitors.
  6. It is used in mobile phones and digital assistants that rely on transferring personal data.
  7. Bluetooth can be easily used from phone to laptop without connecting to the internet.
  8. It is used for wireless connection like headsets for mobile phones.
  9. It is used to transfer files from one mobile phone to another.

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