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Dim light during sleep ‘more harmful to health than you think’


The family of American star Bruce Willis announced on Wednesday that he was retiring from acting permanently after suffering from aphasia, according to the network.CNNNewsletter.

Aphasia is a disease that causes partial or complete loss of the ability to express, speak or understand spoken or written language. They result from damage to parts of the brain that control language, and make it difficult for people to read, write, speak, understand or repeat words.

The family of the 67-year-old star, who is best known for starring in Die Heart movies, explained in an Instagram post: “As a family, we would like to share with you our dear Bruce suffering from some health issues. She was recently diagnosed with aphasia, which is affecting her cognitive abilities.”

“As a result and with much enthusiasm, Bruce will retire from a job that was so hard for him, so hard for our family, and we thank you for your unparalleled love, sympathy and continued support,” he added. Report.

The statement was signed by Bruce’s daughters: Rumor Willis, Scout Willis, Tallula Willis, Maple Willis and Evelyn Willis and his wife Emma Heming and ex-wife Demi Moore.

And the signatories to the statement continued: “We wanted to share with his fans what happened to him because we know how much he meant to them. As Bruce always says:” They lived with it, and together we plan to do it. A united family. “

According to the National Association of Aphasia, if symptoms persist for more than two or three months after a stroke, “some continue to improve for years and even decades.”

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Symptoms and forms of aphasia

Usually a patient with aphasia shows some symptoms such as speaking short or incomplete sentences or speaking meaningless sentences.

Symptoms include changing one word with another or changing one sound with another or referring to words whose meaning is not precisely identified, and the patient writing meaningless phrases without understanding the words of others.

There are many styles of Hispa, especially the obvious aphasia, and those who have this style understand it better than others speak.

People with this type of aphasia also find it difficult to get words, and speak in very short sentences except for a few words.

People with this type of aphasia are often aware of difficulties in communication and may be frustrated, paralyzed, or left-sided right-sided weakness.

Overall aphasia pattern. Patients can speak easily and fluently using long, complex sentences that include meaningless or unknown, incorrect or unnecessary words.

According to the Mayo Clinic website, they generally do not understand the language they speak well and do not realize that others cannot understand themselves.

The third type of disease is “general aphasia”, which is characterized by poor comprehension and difficulty in forming words and sentences.

General aphasia is the result of widespread damage to the language networks in the brain, and people with general aphasia may have severe impairments in expression and comprehension.

The patient’s family is advised to report the victim with one or more of these symptoms to the doctor immediately, and the most important of these symptoms are: difficulty speaking, difficulty speaking, difficulty remembering words, and difficulty reading or writing.

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