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Diplomatic sources for “al-Ittihad”: International trend to hold elections in Libya in the first half of next year.


Hassan al-Verfali (Benghazi, Cairo)

Arab diplomatic sources have told al-Ittihad that there is an international trend to hold Libyan elections in the first half of next year. , Which will affect the military route on which the “5 + 5” group works. UN Executes its full publications in collaboration with the Mission.
Stephanie Williams, adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Libya, seeks to fully implement the roadmap, but sources point out that the difficulties and challenges facing the High Electoral Commission could lead to delays in the date of implementation. The first round of the presidential election is next Friday.
UN Conference on Political and Military Advancement Evidence suggests that Stephanie Williams will undertake regional and international tours to inform the countries concerned about Libya’s vision of the mission, and that Williams will reveal his plan and vision. Regarding holding Libyan elections in a few hours.
Al-Ittihad learned from similar parliamentary sources that consultations to form a new, smaller government were taking place during the next parliamentary session following the National Unity government led by Abdel Hamid Tabaiba. The letter, in addition to managing the situation in the country and resolving the problems facing the Libyans.
A large number of parliamentarians and many politicians are refusing to allow the new executive to continue until the election because parliament has given it confidence until December 24, so it will not be extended in the near future.
In the same context, the official spokesman for the House of Representatives, Abdullah Blahak, confirmed that the parliamentary committee had completed its work after completing its final tasks, following election procedures and liaising with the High National Electoral Commission and the Supreme Court. The report on the difficulties faced by the Commission in conducting the elections indicated that the Parliament would consider meeting with them for the first time in the Committee’s report.
In addition, Stephanie Williams, adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Libya, traveled to Tripoli, Misrata and Benghazi, where she met with a number of candidates for the presidential and parliamentary elections.
Williams, through his personal account on Twitter, posted pictures of himself with candidates who met separately in Tripoli, Misrata and Benghazi, including Abdel Hamid Tabaiba, Fati Pashaka and Khalifa Habdar. Listen to their views on the electoral process and the way forward.
Yesterday, Libya’s first deputy prime minister, Hussein al-Qadrani, discussed with Williams a number of issues related to the Libyan issue and road map, the most important of which was the provision of comprehensive national reconciliation, presidential and parliamentary elections, and the like. According to a statement issued by the United Nations, the situation for them and all the difficulties that can prevent them from achieving stability in Libya.
Three of Libya’s presidential candidates are Abd al-Majid Saif al-Nasr, Eng. Sharif al-Wafi and Araf al-Naeed also discussed the latest developments in Libya.

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