March 25, 2023

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Director Bassam Al Mulla’s body in Damascus and his wife’s visit reveals his last life and cause of death (video)


The late Syrian director Bassam al-Mulla

The body of the late Syrian director Bassam al-Mullah was flown from Lebanon to Al-Assad University Hospital in the Syrian capital, Damascus, where he died on Saturday night / Sunday night.

The family of the deceased, his relatives and some of his fans were waiting for the body, and the artist’s reserve was only for the artist, Dole Aaron, and the members of the syndicate’s Damascus branch, Tamadar Ghanem, and a few members. Damascus Branch of Artists Syndicate.

Mrs., wife of the late Bassam al-Mulla. Iman Sharaf, the last moments of her husband’s life and death than “Fuchsia” and he suffered from diabetes, the intensification of his suffering in the last year of his life led to his transfer to the hospital again and again for treatment, his heart suddenly stopped at home. He died Saturday morning. She and her husband live in Lebanon between Dubai and Jahlew.

He pointed out that he had been suffering from diabetes for a long time, but the diabetes had recently started with serious complications and had hit his nerves.

His brother, director Bashar al-Mulla, said of late, that although he was diabetic and no one wanted to know the progress of his condition, he had good energy and was striving to complete a new television job, but God’s judgment and destiny preceded him.

Regarding the details of the funeral and burial, the late brother said his funeral will take place on Monday.

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Director Bassam al-Mullah’s died in Lebanon on Saturday, and the Syrian Syndicate of Artists posted a condolence message on its Facebook page: “Artists Syndicate’s Damascus Branch Condolences.

Bassam al-Mulla, born (February 1956), is a Syrian director who directed the popular Syrian series “Bob al-Hara” and belongs to a well-established art family. Hot Cat.

Source: “Fuchsia”