May 17, 2022

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Director David Kronenberg has auctioned off an NFT film of his kidney stones

Director David Kronenberg has auctioned off an NFT film of his kidney stones

Canadian director David Kronenberg exemplifies this idea by auctioning off the living organ film at the Cannes Film Festival, bidding on the irreversible NFT style film of his kidney stones.
Cronenberg put the image “Inner Beauty” on sale on the “Superrare” site three weeks ago, at ten Ethereum “reserve prices” (about $ 30,000 at the exchange rate of this cryptocurrency).

Once this amount is reached the auction will continue for 24 hours.

“My doctor told me to have the kidney stones analyzed,” he told the Kronenberg business site, but the 79-year-old director refused because he found the stones “too beautiful to decompose”.

Kronenberg photographed 18 stones removed from his body and decided to turn these images into NFT products. Although the NFT product only works for the buyer, the product is still available to everyone online.

Last year, the director (for 25 ethereum) sold a short film in which he appeared with a corpse like him.

The idea for “Inner Beauty” came from her movie “Dead Rangers” (1988), which talks about two twin gynecologists who share everything.

The release of “Inner Beauty” also features a reference to his new film “Games of the Future” which was nominated for Palm D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, starring Vigo Mortensen in a role. The director announced that Mortensen will undergo “a direct operation on his body” in the film.

Hollywood’s NFT revenue became a source of funding for independent films.

Gronenberg did not say whether the physical copy of Inner Beauty would come with the NFT film, as these products would often only be in digital form.

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