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Director of “The Imam’s Message”: This work was a great challenge for me to enter the Egyptian theater.


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Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2023 – 8:20 am | Last Updated: Wed 17 May 2023 – 8:20 am

Al-Laith Hajjo, director of “The Imam’s Message” series, responded to the reason for combining classical and colloquial Arabic named in the work in Coptic.
He said this while hosting the “Last Word” program given by the media to Mays Al-Hadith, which was broadcast on the “On” channel on Tuesday evening in a special episode of the filming of the “Imam’s Message” series. , this link comes from research, education and practice, emphasizing that not only did the Coptic language exist in this era, but there was also a mixture of languages ​​and dialects.
He pointed out that classical Arabic was different because of the diversity of the settlers in Fustad, and asserted that they were not from the Levant, Khorasan, the Arabian Peninsula, and the greater parts of the Sinai desert. A unified dialectic of ecology within 150 years.
He pointed out that two levels of language should be provided by a spoken language representing all the dialects that existed in Egypt before the arrival of Amr ibn al-As and al-Shabi’i and the language of the most cultured. , which is the language of scholars and jurists.

Regarding the reason for choosing him to direct the series “The Imam’s Message”, he stressed that entering the project was a big challenge, explaining that his entry into Egypt was a project that had been postponed for him for years.
He added that he had previously executed works of art in Egypt with Egyptian workers, but that the Imam’s message was his first Egyptian work in Egypt, and he insisted that despite the difficulty and danger of the work, it was a challenge to enter. In Egyptian drama.
He stressed that such works have a special presence and influence during the month of Ramadan and that there is a ready audience, pointing out that it is customary to display historical and religious works in Egypt.
He pointed out that with the development of technologies and presentation methods, the form of presentation has changed, noting that it is necessary to present a work according to the stage and level of the new audience through visual astonishment, fast plot and imagination. .
The reason for presenting Imam al-Shabi is that he is associated with Egypt to this day, emphasizing that Egypt was an incubator for all the civilizations that came through it, and immortalized all the achievements of the personalities. Egypt knew how to harmonize with them and how to make civilizational achievements into everyday social vocabulary.

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