June 6, 2023

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Director with "Horrible Video": This is how I escaped from Afghanistan

Director with “Horrible Video”: This is how I escaped from Afghanistan

At the time, Sahara, the first woman film director in Afghanistan and head of the official film organization in her country, decided to leave Afghanistan with her brothers and their children, despite knowing the chaos at Kabul airport.

Desert root from a hotel in the Ukrainian capital Kiev Reuters told the story of her escape, which happened with the help of the Turkish and Ukrainian governments.

“I took my family, left my house, my car and my money,” he said. “I gave up everything I had.”

The 36-year-old director had previously warned of a return Taliban To rule his country, he said, it would cripple the film industry and women’s rights.

“They do not support art, they do not respect culture, they never support such things. They are also afraid of educated women with independent personality,” he added, adding that the Taliban want women to be hidden. “

After leaving the bank, Zahra could not find a taxi to take her home, so she started running through the streets.

The director filmed jogging on clips he posted on “Instagram” which received over 1.3 million views.

She and her family had planned to board a plane with the intention of expelling the Ukrainians, but could not build the plane without her because thousands of Afghans thought they could escape to Kabul airport.

“The moment the first plane took off without us was the darkest moment of my life because we thought we could not go anywhere and we would stay here,” she said, adding that she was more concerned that the Taliban would target her family than her own.

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“As a man he wanted his daughters-in-law to live in a country that would give you freedom and education, but under the Taliban, you would live a miserable life.”

After he missed his first flight, he contacted Karimi desert officials, who told him to stay away from the crowd. Hours later, unnamed officers took her and her family to another area of ​​the airport, where they boarded a Turkish flight to Ukraine.