March 25, 2023

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Discover an awesome feature in Firefox

Discover an awesome feature in Firefox

Mike Cockett, an IT security researcher, discovered that Firefox developer sends a lot of application data to Mozilla.

The data transfer comes after the browser analyzes the data transfer behavior of the desktop version, classifying it as tracking without user permission.

(Kokets said that Firefox could be transformed into a privacy-maintaining browser by removing all tick marks under Settings / Privacy & Security / Firefox Data Collection and Application and disabling the transfer of telemetry, analysis and other data to Mozilla.)

The technician advises you to remove all the verification labels under (Firefox Home Content) and select the setting (Blank Page) under (Settings / Start Page / New Widgets & Tabs / New Tabs).

If the user does not want the data to go to Google, he or she must disable the default search engine (Settings / Search), the display of search suggestions (settings / privacy & security / fraudulent content and dangerous software security).

Disable JavaScript

Mozilla Firefox supports JavaScript in DPF documents, which can be displayed directly in the browser since version 88, and with this scripting language many interactive functions or reliability tests can be integrated into PDF formats.

Despite the practical benefits of these jobs, they can sometimes involve risks; Hackers can use JavaScript to launch hacking attacks and data breaches by infiltrating malicious software and malicious code on computers.

If the user relies on his own PDF program, he can easily disable JavaScript of PDF documents in Firefox, enter “about: config” in the address bar, confirm “Accept Risk and Continue” and then go professional. Firefox browser settings.

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After that, you need to enter “pdfjs.enableScripting” in the search bar and set the function to “true” from, click the double arrow icon to the right of the corresponding entry in the end bar.