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Disney film ‘Light Year’ banned in the United Arab Emirates for promoting homosexuality


The United Arab Emirates Media Regulatory Office announced that it had not issued the necessary license to screen the animated film “Lightyear” because it violated media content standards in the country.

The film is scheduled to release in theaters in the United Arab Emirates on June 17.

The Office ensured that all films shown in theaters in the country were subject to follow-up and evaluation before being shown to the public to ensure the integrity of the content distributed according to the appropriate age classification.

The ban comes after a film by homosexuals caused a stir as activists launched a campaign on social media to stop showing work that promotes “homosexuality” among children.

The hashtag “Ban-Lighter_In_UAE” has been released on Twitter, with activists criticizing works co-produced by the American company Disney “Picture” and trying to send messages that activists consider dangerous to the next generation.

Writer Ahmed Khalifa tweeted, “The scene where homosexuality transcends the notion of” femininity “began as personal freedom … the disgrace of presenting homosexuality in a film aimed at 7-year-olds, a crime against childhood, values, religion and all human beings …”

“We need to protect the youth of the future from slipping into this current that is destroying the vision of Sheikh Saeed,” the tweeters called.

At the urging of activists, tweeters praised the action taken by the Media Regulatory Authority by declaring the film banned, calling on the authority to continue its oversight role in preventing the display of “such destructive material”.

The movie “Light Year”, directed by Angus MacLean, revolves around a young astronaut using the spacecraft “Bose” to try to return safely to Earth with his crew. During the journey, the group faces many difficulties and dangers. Trying to overcome.

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The character “Bose” is a popular character in the Disney world, he previously appeared in the movie “Toy Story”, which became very popular and won the Oscar for Best Animated Film.

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