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Arabia Weather – Our solar system is certainly not a quiet and peaceful place, on the contrary, it is considered a living symphony of cosmic sounds, as our solar system consists of eight giant planets and many celestial bodies, so we can detect it. This place has unique functionality in both visual and audio levels.Amazing solar system.

Do planets have voices?

Recently, NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars after a nearly seven-month journey. With it, we were able to see amazing images of the fascinating rock landscapes in Jesiro Crater. Although these areas were calm in the first image, the reality was the opposite, as NASA scientists were able to capture the strange sounds made by the objects. In our solar system, by… converting radio emissions into sound waves.

You can hear these amazing sounds in the video below, including the eerie sound of plasma waves, the howling storms of Jupiter and Mars, as well as the sounds of other planets in our solar system.

It is truly amazing to find sounds reaching us from planets hundreds of millions of kilometers away from our tiny planet.

If there’s one planet we know we don’t want to land on our next space adventure, it’s Venus. Venus is a very harsh environment and most of the sounds it makes are not friendly greetings.

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NASA is working hard to document even more of these sounds, thanks to the contribution of the Perseverance rover visiting Mars.

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