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Doctors warn of summer illnesses and offer prevention advice


Specialist doctors confirmed that prevention of summer diseases depends on the level of public awareness and health education, stressing the interest in public health.

and personal hygiene, and see a doctor when experiencing high fever or nausea, which may lead to vomiting and abdominal pain, drink plenty of fluids, and wear goggles.

They emphasized the importance of preparing and organizing awareness campaigns, especially on social media platforms, to disseminate educational messages and tips regarding preventative measures that can be followed, and to promote community awareness of common health conditions during the summer.

Symptoms and complications

Dr. Adel Sajwani, a family medicine specialist, said: “Many symptoms and complications appear in summer, with high temperatures, many seasonal diseases spread, and many diseases in general, especially among children and the elderly.”

He added: “Sunglasses should be worn to protect the eyes from heat, children should be protected from direct sunlight, and drink plenty of fluids, especially water to maintain body hydration, wear cotton clothes, bathe regularly, stay away from sunlight, and eat a healthy diet. ” ».

Dr. Sajwani drew attention to gastroenteritis, an increase in respiratory infections characterized by colds and sore throats as a result of food poisoning, overgrowth of bacteria in food, and sudden changes in temperature and air currents.


Dr. Mansoor Anwar Habib, consultant in family medicine and occupational health, explained that direct exposure to strong sunlight without adequate protection causes sunburn and skin lesions, and may increase the risk of skin cancer. He added, “You should be careful to drink water and sugar-free juices because they maintain activity and good mood in the heat.

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Minimize caffeine intake, eat healthy and light meals, and choose clean restaurants to avoid any health symptoms that can be treated with painkillers, antiemetics, and fluid replacement therapy if you choose to eat at restaurants.

Heart patients

For his part, Dr. Salem Al-Yamahi, a consultant in family medicine and social health, pointed out that high temperatures and humidity in summer lead to seasonal diseases and exhibit rapid growth of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms. . He added: Extreme heat adversely affects heart, diabetes, blood pressure and kidney patients.

As for heart patients, they should avoid excessive heat and take enough fluids to help hydrate the body and improve heart function. Diabetics should also stay away from extreme heat as prevention is best. Rather than cure, they need to see a specialist to readjust their medication and nutritional plan.

Kidney patients

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Halim Saad, a urologist at Tawam Hospital, said: “During the summer, the chances of kidney weakness and diseases and serious health problems increase.

Also the body loses a large amount of fluid through sweating, and the impact of summer diseases increases the weakness of the kidneys, and some diseases spread, such as intestinal infections and kidney stones. Al-Yamahi stressed the importance of consuming fiber, which improves kidney function and helps protect against diseases and deterioration of health over time.

Respiratory diseases

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Halim pointed out that lung and respiratory infections, allergies in the nose, sinuses and eyes and skin allergies increase during the summer due to the direct impact of heat and humidity on the body. A sudden change in atmosphere, going from a cold place to a warm place and vice versa.

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He emphasized the need to take proper precautions and necessary preventive measures like taking care of body hydration, using sunlight, washing hands regularly and seeking medical help immediately when summer problems arise as a result of high temperatures.

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