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Does working from home… affect mental health?


Anas al-Banna

Sunday, June 25, 2023 at 08:00 AM

Working from home is not the same as working from an office. However, once upon a time A widespread infectious disease Companies were forced to introduce the concept of ‘work from home’ for obvious reasons that persist till now.

According to the “webmd” website, now, in the post-epidemic world, although some companies have welcomed their employees back to their positions, many companies are still working from home or adopting a hybrid work model. Costs not only to employees but also to the organization.

Also, it comes with many health benefits like less exposure to pollution and UV rays, fewer vehicles on the roads, less pollution, more time to spend with family members and the ability to work under flexible routines.

But let’s not forget that working full-time from home can take a serious toll on mental health. Not everyone lives with their families, and for them isolation can cause intense loneliness.

Also, many people suffer from uncomfortable living conditions and lack of suitable work place. These people benefit more from the office environment and the lack of it affects their mental health and productivity. What are the other effects of working from home? We can find out.

How does working from home affect us?

The office workplace offers mental health support to employers, colleagues and friends. This is something we can’t find when working from home and it can leave people isolated, unable and unwilling to connect. A sudden lack of communication and support can leave people feeling like they have no one to turn to in a crisis. .

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Adapting to a new environment takes time

Working from home can take time, especially if the change is sudden. Not everyone has a suitable workspace and enough privacy to ensure maximum productivity. Beds are good, but they can hinder mood and productivity.

Excessive use of technology

The only form of communication with workers is through technology, which increases the level of technology use every day. In the normal work of an office day, people try to control this. But working from home does not allow for that, and excessive use of technology is not good for health. It can also lead to burns.

This can lead to anxiety, stress and depression

Virtual connections and chats are a great boon for keeping in touch with distant families, relatives and friends. But, personal conversations and communications cannot be changed forever. Studies show that isolation is associated with greater depression, anxiety and other physical symptoms.

When people work from home indefinitely, they essentially don’t have a regular routine. As there is no rush to leave the office, many are unable to complete their work within the stipulated 9 hours.

As many work all day and end up taking on additional tasks, there is no balance and the boundaries between work and home begin to blur. Some people multi-task in their office and home work, so they work all day long.

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