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Don’t worry, despite Omigran, Corona’s end is near!


When emphasizing New corona virus To present more surprises to the world, especially after the end of its second year, came the reassuring news from an American scientist amid a series of terrifying news caused by the epidemic in recent weeks.

New data from Johns Hopkins University, which has been publishing the effects of the mutated omigran infection since its first appearance in China, shows that the growing corona virus is coming to an end as a social phenomenon.


Professor Yasha Mong bet that whatever the path of Omigran, or whatever the strains of the disease in the future, the world is going to experience the end of the epidemic as a social phenomenon. Thus the death toll is low.

According to studies collected by friends affected by the new mutation, he revealed that they have mild symptoms, which are consistent with those reported in South Africa, where the “Omicron” mutant first appeared.

Less problems

He also pointed out that the new guest has more infections, but causes less serious complications than the previous mutant, with a huge increase in the number of Omigran infections, which has not received a strong response from countries, signaling its end. Widespread contagious disease.

In addition, experts are concerned about the new mutation because it can lead to many mutations, which, as he puts it, can turn the immunity provided by vaccines into a highly contagious one.

It is noteworthy that since the World Health Organization announced the outbreak of the disease in China at the end of December 2019, the corona virus has caused at least 5,368,777 deaths worldwide.

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Especially with the emergence of new mutations, the organization announced its great concern, and the appearance of the two mutants Delta and Omigran in 2021 confirmed that the clear message that Kovit-19 is not over yet is evolving.

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