March 30, 2023

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“Dubai Ambulance” reveals its strategic plan 2022-2025

The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services revealed its strategic plan “2022-2025”, which includes three strategic goals including 13 goals, while the corporation’s managing director Mishal Abdul Karim Zulbar confirmed that the corporation has formed oversight and special committees. Follow up the implementation of the project to ensure that all its goals are achieved on time.

He explained that Dubai Ambulance’s strategic plan encompasses three fundamental strategic goals based on pioneering specialized ambulance work, providing diverse and sustainable resources for the future, and providing agile, efficient and effective organizational structures.

Zulfar told “Emirates Today” that through its new strategy, it has worked to integrate the values ​​of leadership in the company’s work, compete globally and deliver exceptional services. At the record time, agile and flexible change in crisis management is an important part of the organization’s goals, he explained, with the changes the world is seeing in health and other conditions, strengthening partnerships with public and private companies. Departments will support sustainability of services.

He added: “As the performance of human resources is a key driver of business growth and leadership, Dubai Ambulance is keen to improve the skills, expertise and performance of our staff, especially our national staff through the latest training systems. We strive to attract talented and skilled professionals and provide educational opportunities to citizens in the field of ambulance and emergency medicine, and we all contribute to providing pioneering, flexible and sustainable ambulatory services that meet the needs of society and achieve future aspirations. Sharing social responsibilities through emergency volunteering programs and learning first aid skills for all sections of society from different nations.

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Regarding the first strategic goal of “Pioneer in specialized emergency work”, the foundation thereby aims to create educational programs dedicated to the emergency sector, and attract students and partners to support local, regional and projects. Global levels.

He added: “The foundation also aims to develop emergency, specialist and pioneering ambulances with the aim of consolidating Dubai’s position as a center of excellence in providing ambulance services and pre-hospital care with international specifications and standards.”

He continued: “The foundation, in its first edition, also aims to create an integrated, dynamic and specialized organization in the field of crisis and disaster management, evaluating existing programs and developing integrated policies, programs and practices in collaboration with partners. Preparedness for crises, disasters and emergencies and various departments to improve responsiveness.”

In terms of Dubai Ambulance’s second strategic objective, “Providing diversified and sustainable resources for the future”, the Foundation aims to improve financial performance by rationalizing expenditures, diversifying and leveraging organizational revenue sources through accurate financial planning, evaluation and analysis. Decisions related to governance to ensure rationalization and identification of areas to improve the structure and performance of the Trust’s business.

The second objective in the second strategic objective is to manage assets and resources efficiently and effectively and to ensure their sustainability and continuity through effective management of assets and resources. They are safe, easy to use and stable, and maximize their return on investment.

The Foundation pointed out that the third objective of the second strategic objective is to create special volunteer programs by promoting positive citizenship at the organizational and individual levels, among community members willing to volunteer in the emergency sector and empowering them with life-saving skills. .

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As for the third strategic goal, “Delivering agile, efficient and effective organizational systems”, the Foundation aims to digitize organizational work through this goal.

According to the foundation, the second goal in the third goal is to promote excellence and organizational innovation.

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