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Dubai breaks new record for world’s deepest swimming pool, with two “underwater habitats”


The new record, confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records for the United Arab Emirates, is growing in character.

After the tallest tower (828 m) and the widest fountain (1335 m2), Dubai set a new world record this week, the world’s deepest diving pool, as the Gulf Emirate seeks to attract new tourists. International spread.

With its doors wide open to visitors since July 2020, the city continues to display new baronic attractions between its skyscrapers and other artificial islands. This time, “it’s 60 meters deep, 15 meters higher than any other pool in the world, twice as large,” explains Jarrod Japlonski, director of Deep Dive Dubai, which manages the project.

A whole new attraction here!

Immerse yourself in another world in Deep Dive Dubai, where a deep diving pool at an altitude of 60.02 meters is set to open later this month.rmrfs# Visit Dubai

– Visit Dubai FR (isVisitDubai_FR) July 7, 2021

115 to 35 euros per hour session

The Guinness Academy of Records confirmed this new record for AFP. The swimming pool, which opened to the public on Wednesday, “has a theme around the submerged city,” he explains. It has six Olympic swimming pools or the equivalent of 14.6 million liters of water. With its lights and background music, Gravity has two “underwater habitats”.

Divers explore the depths of the rebuilt lost city, scattered with everyday objects and covered with lush vegetation. “We wanted to recall the tradition of snorkeling in the Emirates” and “pearl fishing”, so the oyster shape of the structure, the director explains. An hour session costs between 115 and 345.

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In 2019, Dubai welcomed more than 16 million tourists. Launched in October of the Universal Exhibition, with its extravagant nature, the United States hopes to refill the audience.

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