May 29, 2023

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“Dubai Financial” has achieved the biggest growth in 3 weeks

The Dubai Financial Market consolidated its gains at the end of yesterday’s trade, and its market capitalization gained more than 4.9 billion dirhams, the biggest daily rise in three weeks.

The market capitalization of the Dubai Financial Market rose to 624.8 billion dirhams from 619.9 billion dirhams in yesterday’s session, while the market capitalization of the Abu Dhabi Securities Market reached about 2.77 trillion dirhams.

The Dubai General Market Index rose 1.06% or 37.51 points, its biggest daily gain since April 12, to close at 3575.56 points, its highest level since May 10.

The FTSE index, Abu Dhabi Public Market “FADJ”, ended at 9714.4 points, while the Abu Dhabi Market Index, “FADEX 15”, reached 9,520.14 points.

Local stocks attracted liquidity of about 1.7 billion dirhams, 1.12 billion dirhams were distributed in the Abu Dhabi market and 565.1 million dirhams in the Dubai market, while about 722.4 million shares were traded by executing more than 24.2 thousand transactions.

The performance of the Dubai market was strengthened by shares of “Deva” 1.6%, “Dubai Islamic” 1.1%, “Emaar Properties” 0.7%, “Emirates NBD” 0.36% and “Dubai Financial Market”. ”2.7%, “Dubai Investments” 0.8% and “Empower 2.3%, Emaar Development 0.55%, Air Arabia 0.9%, Aramex 1.23% and Salik 0.66%.

And “Ajman Bank” received the largest share of the total trade, attracting about 137.5 million dirhams, followed by “Teyar” 85.6 million dirhams, then “Deva” and “Emaar Properties” about 54.8 million dirhams and 50.3 million dirhams, respectively.

In the Abu Dhabi market, “ADNOC Gas” 1.88%, “Americana” 1.28%, “Agthia” 1.25%, and “ADNOC Distribution” 0.23%, and “International Holding” are the leaders attracting more than 254 million in liquidity. Dirhams should close unchanged at 395. Dirhams.

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ADNOC Gas ranked second on the most active list after attracting around Dh127 million in liquidity.