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Dubai is a global window for knowledge and entertainment


Dubai continues to add new entertainment destinations to its impressive list of unique global destinations, offering visitors and residents unforgettable experiences throughout the year. Among these places that are popular this year are 9 different locations, led by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, a unique civil and cultural landmark that presents a new modern concept of a public library and its location. Besides being a place that attracts tourists with different interests, the life of the residents.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

The “library” is built on the historic Dubai Creek and is designed as a wooden structure used to carry books. Also, it is the region’s largest library with valuable books and cultural and educational resources. In fact, nine libraries cover different topics and include more than one million paper and digital books. Above all these, there is the “Book Monuments” exhibition, which contains rare and ancient books and manuscripts, some of which date back to the thirteenth century. It is an exhibition whose visit is a journey into the world of culture and art.

On the other hand, the “Cloud 22” lounge is located on the roof of the “Royal Atlantis” resort, where hotel guests have exclusive access, in addition to VIPs and celebrities from around the world. The lounge offers unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf and Palm Jumeirah.

“Neon Galaxy”

The “Riverland Dubai” destination at “Dubai Parks and Resorts” includes the “Neon Galaxy” destination, an 860 square meter indoor play area specially designed for children. The park has amazing slides and a rope climbing area.

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Crocodile Park

The Crocodile Park in Dubai is located near Mushrif Park. It covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters and houses more than 250 Nile crocodiles. This family-friendly location allows you to see these amazing creatures.

“Dubai Balloon”

Visitors can enjoy spectacular views of Dubai’s coastline and the city’s mesmerizing skyline aboard the “Dubai Balloon,” a helium-powered balloon that takes guests up to 300 meters. The balloon ride takes 10 minutes. The most amazing views of the Palm Jumeirah.


Aya is a great entertainment spot for taking pictures and is located in the Wafi “City Mall” lobby. Covering an area of ​​40,000 square feet in this spacious family destination, visitors are surrounded by sounds, lights and high-tech graphic images from all sides. It has 12 separate parts, each telling a different story.

“Sky Views” Dubai

Skyviews Dubai is located at a height of 219.5 meters above the ground and is the latest tourist attraction offering spectacular views of Downtown Dubai and the city skyline. This architectural masterpiece is located above the Address Sky View Hotel and consists of three areas that offer exceptional and unforgettable experiences: the viewing deck, the glass slide and the edge walkway.

Dubai Harbor One of the most scenic stretches of the city’s stunning coastline from Dubai Harbor at Dubai Marina is the most developed cruise terminal. Dubai Port has a berthing capacity of around 700 luxury yachts and yachts, and a 120,000 square meter shipyard with two stations on a 910 meter pier.

Mushrib Park Trails

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Mushrib Park is a great place for walking and cycling as it has 20 km of mountain trails for cycling. The route is considered the first of its kind in Dubai and 30 km is expected to open soon.

For trekking enthusiasts, they can practice their hobby by taking a long nature walk along a 10 km trail suitable for all levels.

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