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“Accidents and Heart Attacks” .. 10 Egyptian Stars Who Died in 2023


The year 2023 saw a series of sad news that affected the Egyptian artistic community, the death of a group of its pioneers, whether in the field of acting, singing or production, who passed away after a long journey. The brightness of their star.

Sherifa Fatal

On March 5, Egyptian artist Sherifa Fatal passed away at the age of 85, ending the career of one of the most important female singers in the history of Egyptian music.

Artist Sharifa is the granddaughter of Fatal reciter Ahmad Nada, so she received extensive training at the hands of religious magicians and later turned to music when she joined the Institute of Dramatic Arts.

He participated in several cinema films including (Haret Al-Saqayen), (Sultanat Al-Tarab), and (Tal Al-Aqrab), also presented some musicals, and later distinguished himself in the form of popular songs. It opened the doors of fame for her.

In the seventies, she sang one of her most popular songs, “Mother of the Hero”, written by Nabila Qandil and composed by Ali Ismail, after her son Saeed Saeed Badir was martyred on the battlefield.

Sherin Al-Dahan

On April 7, Egyptian actress and media personality Sherin El-Dahan died at the age of 47 after a battle with cancer.

Sherin al-Dahan had been suffering from cancer for several years, but in the weeks leading up to her death, her symptoms worsened, requiring her to be transferred to the hospital’s intensive care unit until her death.

Mustafa Darwish

On May 1, artist Mustafa Darwish died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 43, shocking his colleagues and fans in Egypt and the Arab world.

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Mustafa Darwish’s passing came as a shock to the art community, especially when he announced on his social media account hours before his death that he was unable to sleep, in light of scheduling conflicts, and everyone coming off a long vacation. In which they used to stay up late.

News sites and social media were ablaze with news of the death of the talented artist who participated in around 30 art productions and recorded major artistic achievements in his career even at a young age. The last of which was his participation in director Khaled Youssef’s “His Secret Al-Batta” series in Ramadan this year, and his most notable work was the “B100 Wesh” series.

Alaa Abdul Khaliq

On July 4, Egyptian singer Alaa Abdel Khaleq died at the age of 59 after years of illness.

Alaa Abdel Khaliq continued with him until his death after suffering from many health problems in the last years.

The career of the late artist began in the 1980s with the band Friends, when he decided to sing alone in a music project, in which the distributor Hamid Al Sheri participated.

Abdel Khaliq has released several albums, including “Mersal,” “You Will Know Me,” and “Tayarat Warak,” and his last album was “I For I” in 2002.

Ashraf Moseley

Egyptian actor Ashraf Moselhi died on September 17 at the age of 49 after a long illness. He has been suffering from brain cancer since 2021.

Artist Ashraf Moselhi’s last art appearance was in “The Peacock” series, which was shown in the month of Ramadan 2021. The late was married to director Manal Al-Saifi and is the father of young actor Yusuf. Mosely.

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Mohammad Farid

On September 30, Egyptian artist Mohamed Farid died at the age of 83, as a result of a serious health problem that required him to be transferred to intensive care in a Cairo hospital.

Farid is considered one of the most important stars of the second generation of the eighties generation in Egyptian theater, as he participated in 246 artistic works between cinema, theater and television dramas, the most recent of which was the “Baraka” series. It was shown on satellite television screens three years ago in which he portrayed the role of Hajj Saleh.

Uthman Muhammad Ali

On November 12, Egyptian artist Othman Mohamed Ali, father of artist Salwa Othman, died at the age of 88 due to ill health.

The late artist was famous for playing secondary roles in many Egyptian cinema films, television and radio series… (Rafat al-Hagan, I will not live in my father’s robes, my dear children, thank you, family of Haj Medwali, he will be raised with honor).

Tariq Abdel Aziz

On November twenty-sixth, Egyptian actor Tariq Abdel Aziz died of a sudden illness at the age of 55, ending a career full of artistic creations and acting, not seeking fame and limelight.

Tariq Abdel Aziz suffered a heart attack while on the sets of “We Stated Two” co-starring Sherif Mounir and Rania Youssef.

The crew quickly shifted Tariq Abdel Aziz to the hospital, but he died before doctors could treat him. The late artist suffered a health setback last June when he underwent cardiac catheterization and stenting.

Ashraf Abdel Ghafoor

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Famous Egyptian artist Ashraf Abdel Ghafoor has died at the age of 81 in a traffic accident on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road. The famous artist and his wife were injured in a collision in front of Mountain View on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road on December 3.

The harrowing incident occurred when the late artist was visiting his daughter Reham with his wife in a popular residential community before a driver hit them on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road.

The late artist fell into a complete coma following the confrontation and was rushed to hospital for first aid, but died of a heart attack while his wife underwent treatment.

Nahid Farid Shawqi

Egyptian producer Nahid Farid Shawky died on December 5 at the age of 73.

Nahid Farid Shawqi is the daughter of late artist Farid Shawqi, sister of artist Rania Farid Shawqi and mother of artist Naheed Al-Sibai, director Mohammad Al-Sibai and late producer Farid Al-Morshedi.

The late producer participated in the production and supervision of many popular films and series, including “I Will Not Live in My Father’s Robe,” “Morning and Evening Talk,” “Mania” and “Out of Sight.” an eye.”

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